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In a labor-intensive industry, success is largely dependent on people. We aim to hire and train executives and employees from the geographic areas where we operate, thereby maintaining an organic connection between people and process. We take pride in providing local families with secure employment and a reliable source of income.


Having led the group for almost a decade, our core management team has a proven track record, relevant experience, and strong expertise in the field of metals and mining. We believe loyalty to be the cornerstone of our success. The consistency of our core management team has allowed us to pursue our strategic objectives with an aligned vision and a guiding set of shared values.


Key Solway professionals are regularly transferred to different projects in different countries. This allows us to maintain a level of oversight and managerial excellence across our operations.


Solway employees regularly receive professional training and are encouraged to develop their skills through a diverse set of practical and theoretical courses.


Dan Bronstein, Chairman of the Board, Solway Investment Group: “We are first and foremost a private, family-owned company and, as such, we have an incredibly loyal core management team who all share our ‘family’ values. This makes us much more than just a mining company. We are really in the business of industrial development and the economic regeneration that can result from this. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the positive impact that our work has on the geographies where we operate, both in terms of productivity and the local society.”