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1. Introduction

Solway Investment Group GmbH (hereafter – Solway) is a private international mining and metals group headquartered in Switzerland. Solway operates mines and smelting plants in Guatemala, Ukraine, Indonesia and North Macedonia; with a focus on nickel and copper production. We invest in industrial assets, relaunch producing assets and develop greenfield projects.


2. Vision

Our vision is a world where the progress of civilization is never limited by shortages of critical raw materials. Solway strives to explore the world for the metals that matter most to modern life, to efficiently extract and process minerals in accordance with the highest applicable environmental, social, and managerial standards while strictly observing and protecting Human Rights, thereby enhancing value for both our shareholders and Stakeholders.


3. Mission

Our mission is to be role models in the transformation and regeneration of the world’s most distressed essential metal mining assets, together with their communities, into prosperous and profitable local mining ecosystems that deliver tangible improvements to local living standards and overall quality of life, and over time become exemplary engines of economic growth for their regions and nations. We will achieve this through qualified asset management, responsible investment in existing and new projects, and the promotion of best practices in sustainable development in accordance with the highest applicable environmental, social, and technological standards.


4. Values

Corporate values are the foundation of our business and they are applied to all decision-making of Solway management. As we understand and recognize the importance of corporate values, it is unacceptable for us to disregard them at any cost.


4.1. Sustainability

We are aware of our responsibility to future generations and are committed to ensuring and preserving a favorable socio-economic climate and a healthy natural environment in the communities and regions where we operate by creating jobs and improving the living conditions. Sustainability is the driving force behind new values and growth and permeating everything that we do.


4.2. Transparency

We strive to increase our stakeholders’ awareness and knowledge of all aspects of our business and to ensure that the information we provide is clear, accurate and complete, reasonable and sufficient, readily available, timely and be presented in a clear and objective manner, directly accessible and understandable to those who have been, or may be, affected by the organization.


4.3. Integrity

Integrity is the foundation for building trust among our employees, customers and business partners, for ensuring product quality and for meeting the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.

Integrity is key to the transparency of Solway’s work. Integrity in our actions allows us to produce and maintain trust and a friendly atmosphere.


4.4. Care

We care about the environment because we understand that our actions and the effects of our activities can have an impact on climate change. The precautionary principle enables our decision-makers to adopt precautionary measures about environmental or human health hazards. Preserving the environment and guaranteeing ourselves and future generations a good life is fundamental to Solway.


4.5. Rationality

We conduct our operations wisely, ensuring that natural resources are used sustainably and adequately. Our highly efficient economic management strategy leads to the rational use of natural resources that maintains the natural resource potential, preserves the human environment and avoids damage to human health.


4.6. Responsibility

We conduct our business responsibly and work to address socially significant issues in all regions where we operate by providing social assistance and participating in the development and maintenance of regional infrastructures. Corporate social responsibility generates social accountability with ourselves, our stakeholders, and the public.


4.7. Safety

Our employees are the main factor in the successful development of Solway, which is why our business is guided by the priority of employees’ lives and health in relation to our operations. Promoting and protecting employee physical and mental health is paramount to Solway. Occupational health and safety is integral in providing positive work environments and meeting employees’ right to freedom, equity, security and human dignity; work can only be successful if the environment is healthy and safe.


4.8. Respect

We respect and strictly observe Human Rights.

Respect for employees, customers, business partners, public authorities and local communities enables us to work together successfully, while maintaining trust and transparency. The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and International Conventions are key references for Solway in guiding our activities, our regulatory system and governance towards the respect for and promotion of human rights.