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Solway Investment Group is a private mining and metals group headquartered in Switzerland with global operations. We invest in industrial assets, relaunch producing assets and develop greenfield projects. We identify unique investment opportunities with the potential to have a significant positive impact on both the production facility and the region. At Solway, we strive to bring not just projects, but also local communities, back to life.


Solway operates mines and smelting plants in Guatemala, Ukraine, Macedonia and Indonesia, with a focus on nickel production. We have a strong portfolio of mining and metals projects in various stages of development. We are working to increase both our mineral reserves and our production capacity, particularly in the nickel segment. As of 31 December 2021, the Group’s total assets were valued at USD 1.45  billion.


Solway is the world’s largest privately owned nickel producer in a sector dominated by public companies, and has been active in the nickel business since 2003. The group is a leading global producer of Fe-Ni, with established production capacity of over 45kt pa of refined nickel.


We are proud to have an experienced and dedicated core management team, which enables us to make quick business decisions. We have some of the fastest-growing businesses in the global mining and metals sector. Our goal is to become one of the world’s leading vertically integrated nickel producers. As such, we are primarily focused on developing our existing portfolio of premium nickel projects.




Challenge – Solway embraces challenge and continuously manages ambitious projects successfully. Exceptional team performance and a positive attitude mean we can meet these challenges head on. We often take on projects that are not as attractive to major market players because of complex local social and economic conditions. Our Guatemalan and Ukrainian smelting facilities are good examples of Solway’s ability to revive stagnant projects. In those regions, we used our experience to evaluate the risks and costs and were able to make a more compelling proposal to stakeholders than other bidders. Our past successes in Ukraine and Macedonia demonstrated that, although site management could be technically, socially, and economically challenging, reviving these projects was not impossible.


Transform – Solway views the positive changes we bring to the regions where we operate as a great source of motivation. We seek out singular opportunities where we can make a substantial and positive impact on a project and its associated local community. We find it hugely rewarding to see these changes occur.


Deliver – Solway delivers not only to our shareholders, but also to all stakeholders, taking responsibility for the social and economic well-being and sustainability of our employees and of the communities where we operate, embedding good practices and ensuring complete accountability.