1.Full name of the applicant
2. Applicant’s gender
3. Date of the applicant’s birth
4. I am the member of the employee’s family working at:
5. Name(s), department and position of the relative(s) working at one of the facilities mentioned above
6. I am a student of an art, music, dance, theater studio at (please specify the location, type and name of the studio, the course you are taking and the name of your tutor)
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7. Name(s) of the applicant’s parent(s) or guardian(s)
9. Postal address
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10. Phone number(including country code)
Applicant’s language skills:
11. My mother tongue is
Applicant’s current skills in arts, music, dance or theater:
I am currently taking classes in:
a. Art
b. Music
I have played the following instrumentType of the instrument
The last time I performed the following piece:
c. Singing
I am singing:
I have sung in the following chorusName of the chorus
The last time I performed the following piece:
d. Dance
I am dancing:
e. Theater
13. I have participated in the following creative competitions:
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14. I have awards from the following creative competitions:
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15. I have previously participated in the following artistic camps:Please provide the name of the camp, location and year
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16. Please insert the link to your Instagram or TikTok profiles or your video submission on YouTube here:
17. Questions and remarks, if any:
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18. I hereby confirm, that I have read, understood and agree to the conditions of application for the fellowship