Virtual global performance fellowship 2022

@Creative.fellowship initiative is looking for young people who love to perform to apply for the @Creative.fellowship Virtual Talent Showcase Fellowship. Whether you sing, dance, play an instrument, juggle, perform acrobatic or magic acts, draw, design costumes or have another unique talent, we want to see it!

Virtual Talent Showcase Fellowship is not a competition, but a showcase of exceptional talent from local area teens in a project with global reach.

@Creative.fellowship provides tools and supports creative talents on their path to the limelight. Decades of research have shown that engaging in the arts helps young people to become more engaged, resilient, and better able to cope with life’s challenges.

@Creative.fellowship is a virtual safe space for young rising talents to showcase their gifts! It’s also a place for like-minded people to gather and stay connected to a larger international community during the COVID-19 times.

@Creative.fellowship is not only a way to break into the global community and make friends around the world, but it is a safe, educational, and entertaining way to learn about cultures and connect with many art professionals under one roof— all while the participants receive undivided attention as they showcase their talents

How can I enter?

Open to teens aged 14 – 17* years old and all types of talent
We are looking for talent in the following categories:
Musical – instrumental, vocal, any and all genres
Dance – individual, ballroom, tap, ballet, modern, theatrical, ethnic
Theatrical/Variety – magic, novelty, acrobatic, special/optical illusions
Art – painting, sketching or digital, fashion design, photography or video animation
Previous years’ fellows may apply for the 2022 program.

Fill in the application form

Sign up on @creative.fellowship Instagram account

Share your TikTok or Instagram profile


Record a 90 second video showcasing your talent/performance, download it to the closed YouTube profile** and submit the link to

A panel of three qualified judges will select the winners.

Applications will be judged based on the following categories: overall impression/ ”wow factor”, level of ability, and showcase of talent. Keep it positive: all performances should have a positive message. Contestants will be judged on talent AND message.

Approximately fifteen applicants per country will be selected for the program***

What to expect?

Unleash your creative gift
Experience your most defining moments

Learn English

Find friends from around the globe

Meet celebrities

Develop your talent

Collect credits**

Make a difference in your life and the lives of young people from other countries

Take advantage of the new opportunities, connections and experiences the scholarship will bring you.

What can I win?

Production of your own performance piece as part of the talent show, under the tutorship of the international team of performing professionals

A trip to Salzburg and participation in the International opera camp performance **

What we offer?

Educational resources & access to experts

Workshops, hands-on experiences, performance master classes

English Language Level proficiency certificate

Certificate in Art History course completion

Mentorship sessions with the world-known celebrities

Performance portfolio

Participation in a collaborative final performance video production to kick-start your portfolio.


Collaborative creation of the international online performance under the tutorship of the international team of performing professionals

A trip to Salzburg and participation in the International opera camp performance **

We give away edutaining experience equivalent to €3,600 per applicant

What you get?

The ability and confidence to speak to the world in English

A core set of skills that help showcase your talent and help you get a good job.

The opportunity to have exclusive access and meet celebrities in person.

The chance to exhibit your art pieces in a real gallery.

The chance to learn from the very best mentors around the globe

What is the benefit?

You will gain:

An English Language Level proficiency certificate.

A certificate in the ‘Introduction to the History of Art’.

Active participation in:

The “Virtual Museum” exhibition hosted by the SAAS Gallery, London.

The collaborative music and dance video performance

*Please note: Participants should be 14 – 17 years old and should be residents of the following regions: North Macedonia: Konce, Radovish, Stip; Guatemala: Izabal region including the city of El Estor; Ukraine: Kirovogradsky.
**In the event of travel restrictions, the activity will be postponed or will take place online.
*** Please see the JOIN THE TALENT SHOWCASE section to learn more about the bonus credit system.

@Creative.fellowship provides tools and platforms to the selected talents on their path to the limelight.

The 2022 @Creative.fellowship program is based on a new concept developed in accordance with the demands of the Covid-19 pandemic’s realities.

The program consists of three integrated modules:

English Classes

Round One

Crack the riddle!

A new language is a riddle, but once you crack it, the doors to many opportunities open. 100 online language classes taught by local teachers and native speakers will be offered.

Art Classes

Round Two

Decode your culture!
Once you know the codes of your native culture, it is easier to conquer the world.
Through a combination of fun introductions to art history and interactive practices, the fellows will learn to unravel the cultural codes of the world around them.

Easy and fun learning with no performance grades or judging. Only participation matters.

The goal is to bring the participants’ English-speaking skills up to a level comfortable enough for interacting and reaching their targets together with fellows from other countries.

Classes are based on an active collaboration between students and teachers via an online platform.

The goal of this art collaboration is to contribute to the creation of a global virtual art exhibition!

Performance Project


Conquer the world!

Your talent leads you to the limelight, but our skilled guidance makes this path shorter. A team of art educators will conduct the series of online movement and music masterclasses for project participants.

By working together, the performance project participants will stage and videotape a unified, global online performance.

he goal is to create a global artistic performance that would be noticed by the online creative and professional community.

What does the Virtual global performance fellowship 2022 cover?

We give away edutaining experience equivalent to €3600 per applicant.

Register now!

The fellowship fully covers the following:
  • Online tutorials using Zoom, Miro, Notion and WhatsApp as project supporting tools
  • 100 English classes taught by local teachers and native speakers including supporting materials
  • 20 online art history and crafts online classes
  • 40 master classes in movement and performance taught by an internationalteam of art educators
  • Four meetings with celebrities
  • Collaborative final performance video production
Additionally, for the finalist:
  • Visa fee and document processing for applicants requiring a Schengen visa;
  • Air ticket for the applicant (accompanied by an airline employee);
  • Airport transfer in the country of departure;
  • Transfer from Salzburg airport to the accommodation and back;
  • Accommodation;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Three meals daily;
  • Local SIM-card with minimum mobile traffic limit for contacting the global fellowship coordinator;
  • 24/7 accompaniment of the fellow finalist by the local coordinator.
Fellowship does NOT cover:
  • International travel document (passport) in the country of origin
  • International mobile traffic
  • Pocket money