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Solway Investment Group commences a board-led investigation

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In response to the allegations raised by the series of publications initiated by the journalistic consortium Forbidden Stories, Solway Investment Group launches a board-led investigation in the conduct of business by the Solway’s subsidiaries Compania Guatemalteca de Niquel SA (SGN), Compania Procesadora de Niquel de Isabal SA (Pronico), its affiliates, agents, management, and associated persons.


The decision to commence a board-led investigation of events in Guatemala resonates our dedication to learn lessons and to make any necessary improvements to the Group’s processes and governance.  


The investigation will focus on events at CGN and Pronico to assess Solway’s internal standards, procedures, reporting and governance, as well as examining the subsidiaries’ relationship and communications with the local communities. Once the investigation is completed, the board will inform all relevant stakeholders on its results and further decisions taken by the Group.