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Solway Investment Group firmly rejects the false and defamatory allegations

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Following the recent publications of consortium Forbidden Stories and cyber-attacks on our infrastructure in Guatemala, we would like to directly address the allegations and false accusations.


We condemn the use of illegal research methods, especially in the situation where we have been fully cooperative with the Forbidden Stories team and granted them access to site and documents on numerous occasions since November  2021 and spent a lot of time and resource in urgently answering their questions recently despite the crisis situation which is unfolding. We are reiterating again: we are not withholding any information from the press nor we are interfering with journalists’ professional activity.


We consider the attempt of wilfully stressing the Russian origins of Solway Investment Group, as well as existence of sizeable business in Russia, something which is very well known to the team of Forbidden Stories as a disinformation of the public option in a very difficult time.


In view of the fact that there have been cyber attacks on our infrastructure in recent days, whereby false information was spread on our behalf, we suspect that the sources used by Forbidden Stories to come to conclusions may also be false, taken out of the context and be part of broad based misinformation campaign.


We have reported the incidence to the Swiss national Cyber Security Centre and are fully cooperating with it. After we have had the opportunity to complete the full review, we will contact the stakeholders with detailed comments.


Nevertheless we shall carefully analyse each and every allegation brought against us. The investigation will be conducted by the operating office in Guatemala and the results will be reported to Solway Investment Group.


In view of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine where Solway Investment Group is responsible for 1700 employees and their families, as well as families of 75 Ukrainian employees of Pronico, we are forced to prioritise our resources to secure their safety and wellbeing first.