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Solway becomes partner of the First International Sustainability Forum in Ukraine

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Solway Investment Group is proud to be a partner of the inaugural International Sustainability Forum organized by the Association of Sustainable Development Experts, the first international community of sustainability practitioners in Ukraine.


With a focus on increasing knowledge of sustainability and building an international culture of responsible entrepreneurs, the event held on June 17 – 18, 2021 in Ukraine was broadcast live globally.


Over two days, foreign experts and academics from the UN Development Program, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, International Financial Corporation, UN Global Compact Network, consultancies and universities, multinational and local companies shared their best practices in the field and discussed representative cases that can help businesses become more efficient, promising, and attractive to investors, employees, suppliers, and customers in today’s new sustainability-driven reality.


During the discussion with experts and regulators, many important questions arose, such as:


How does climate change affect businesses and how can businesses operate within these changes?


What is a circular economy and how does one transition into it?


How does one create a successful CSR strategy for a business?


How does one build an inclusive corporate culture in a company?


What are the trends and challenges in ESG integration?


The participants agreed that although the road to sustainable business practices is windy and continuously evolving, it is necessary to begin the journey. The speakers highlighted that collaboration and knowledge sharing are key steps on the path to building a sustainable future.


“I would like to thank the Association of Sustainable Development Experts that recognized our values and offered us a partnership in the inaugural International Sustainability Forum in Ukraine.


Solway is committed to upholding the standards, procedures, and values that contribute to achieving sustainable growth. Our pillars: positive environmental impact, social performance, and distinctive corporate governance reflect our philosophy. We are continuously working on aligning with best international practices to show that Solway understands the importance of playing a role in the greater, global effort to build a more just, sustainable, and prosperous future. We realize that this process requires an ongoing effort to learn and share the knowledge we acquire. As a company, we are thrilled to be joining this process in the early stages together with such an impressive panel of experts. We look forward to proactively moving towards a sustainable future,” commented Dan Bronstein, Chairman of the Board, Solway Investment Group.