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Solway subsidiaries support local communities during COVID-19 lockdowns

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June 2, 2020, Zug.  As the coronavirus continues to take its unrelenting toll around the world, Solway Investment Group has been making financial and logistical contributions towards efforts to tackle the pandemic in the regions of its operations. Across all of its operations, Solway continues to pay its employees’ full salaries to ensure that they may focus on their families’ health and safety during this challenging time.


Solway has implemented preventive and social distancing measures at its mining entities in North Macedonia, Guatemala, Indonesia and Ukraine in accordance with local government guidelines and global best practices. These measures have allowed the group to continue its operations despite the coronavirus pandemic.


The Group’s subsidiaries have all made cash donations towards pandemic relief efforts. This includes supplying masks and protective equipment to emergency and healthcare professionals, as well as the provision of essential goods, food, and water, to the group’s local communities.


In Guatemala, the Fenix project has invested more than in donations of supplies, medicines, and groceries, as well as an upgrade of the emergency room at the Caimi Maternal and Child Care Center. The Fenix project has also donated supplies and provided logistics support to the local authorities of the National Civil Police, El Estor Municipality, Municipal Traffic Police, and the Nutritional Recovery Center.


The Fenix project supplies 40,000 gallons of drinking water every day to the town of El Estor. Over the past few weeks, the company has donated more than 10,000 food packages (400,000 pounds of corn, rice, oats, sugar and packaged milk) to members of the Association of Fishermen Bocas del Polochic, the Committee Aj Kar, and families in need in El Estor.


CGN/Pronico also perform nightly sanitization of the municipality’s main streets, and support sanitary checkpoints established at the entrances to the municipality, where there are temperature checks and the tires of vehicles are disinfected. Fenix’s has also been supporting other municipalities in the greater Izabal area.


In North Macedonia, DOO Bucim Radovish donated towards North Macedonia’s fight against COVID-19. A donation was made to the special donor account of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of North Macedonia. An additional donation was given to local health centers in the municipalities of Radovish, Shtip and Strumica.


Financial assistance was provided to the Red Cross of Radovish. These funds were used to support socially disadvantaged families from the municipalities of Radovish and Konce in order to help them better cope with the new reality caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Packages with basic products, including groceries, personal hygiene products, and disinfectants, were delivered by the Red Cross of Radovish to families in need in Radovish and Konce.


Bucim has also donated personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare employees in municipal institutions in Radovish and Shtip. Medical protective masks were donated for the protection of employees at Radovish’s municipal police station, health center and fire service. Equipment was also provided to the employees of the public communal enterprise and to the municipal organization, Red Cross – Radovish, and protective suits were donated to healthcare workers at the Regional Clinical Hospital in Shtip.