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Solway takes preventive measures to address the coronavirus outbreak

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Zug, March 20, 2020. Solway Investment Group is taking steps to protect its employees and business operations from the threats caused by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.


Around the globe, Solway is complying with the health and safety guidelines and protocols issued by the government authorities in each country and region of the group’s operations and is closely monitoring the developments in real time. At present, none of Solway’s assets have slowed down or stopped production. However, the group is prepared to do so in the event that this is required by a state of emergency. During this time of global economic turbulence, Solway is continuing its negotiations with international banking institutions on financing its greenfield projects and projects in development.


Solway’s affiliates are in permanent contact with local and state authorities to ensure that all health and safety preventive measures on the production sites are aligned with current governmental COVID-19 guidelines. All factories have begun to monitor the body temperature of all of their employees on a daily basis. The companies have ensured adequate access to sanitizers and protective gear on the premises and have imposed obligatory daily cleaning, airing and disinfecting of the workplaces. As of today, no COVID-19 cases have been registered amongst the Group’s employees. Suppliers and guests are only granted entry onto the premises after temperature screening and disinfection. Employees receive regular advisory bulletins from the medical teams. Most administrative staff, at-risk employees, and those with children under the age of 10 have been asked to work from home. While all international travel plans have been cancelled, employees have also been advised not to travel for domestic meetings unless absolutely necessary. Employees across production facilities and regional offices are being advised to use teleconferencing and video conference facilities to the maximum possible extent.


“The COVID-19 outbreak poses a significant health and safety concern, and even though our operations have not yet been directly impacted by the pandemic, with no registered cases amongst our employees, we are implementing strict procedures to prevent the possible spread of the virus. Our supply chains are not materially affected, yet we are constantly assessing various production and delivery scenarios. We will not hesitate to take any actions necessary to keep people safe, ensure that the environment is protected, and our assets are properly managed during this global pandemic,” – explained Dan Bronstein, chairman of the board, Solway Investment Group.