International Youth Music Camp

What is going to happen in Salzburg?

The participants will work together to study and understand one of the operas. They will study music and plot, and they will learn how to express emotions with the help of opera art. Invited professionals will help them create their own opera piece – a small one. Some participants will sing, some will dance and play on stage, some will play musical instruments, and some will prepare theatrical scenery, and so on.

The participants will spend a week, without parents, in the Salzburg castle. They will also visit a rehearsal and go backstage in the Baden-Baden Theater. At the end of the week the participants will present their opera to an audience.

The international opera camp for teenagers 13-16 years old will take place in August  2020.

Who is the coordinator of the Solway Music Camp Fellowship and what are his/her responsibilities?

The coordinator of Solway Music Camp Fellowship is an employee of a concierge service employed by Solway Investment Group. They will be responsible for the preparation of the applicant’s arrival and will accompany them during their stay. They can speak English, German, Spanish or Russian.

The coordinator will be responsible for:

  • Consultations concerning Schengen visa application;
  • Arranging meals, transportation and mobile communication for applicants;
  • Communications with the HR department or the department that is responsible for social development and community relations of the relevant facility. The coordinator will also resolve travel issues and provide communication between the applicant and his/her parents;
  • Buying air tickets and booking airline’s unaccompanied minor service;
  • Acting on behalf of the fellow as the first contact for the insurance company in case ofillness/accident;
  • Accompaniment of applicant to a medical institution in case of illness/accident.

Parents and the HR department or the department that is responsible for social development and community relations of the relevant facility, will have all contacts of the program coordinator as soon as the results of the contest are announced.

The HR department or the department that is responsible for social development and community relations of the relevant facility will support the fellows with their travel arrangements and communicate with Salzburg regional coordinator regarding any issues. Such departments will also be a mediator in case of language or other difficulties.

 Language courses for fellowship nominees:

  • In Macedonia and Ukraine, the courses are provided by our partner – an online English language school «ZaZa». Their teacher will give online-lessons to the fellowship applicants and the school will provide methodology and tutorial support for the regional teacher.
  • Lessons can take place in any location or organization that gets sponsor support – community center, art school, art institution and other.
  • According to our agreement with the language school-partners, English lessons will take place from January 2020 until April 2020. They will be held three times a week – each lesson will be divided into two parts, 45 minutes each. The first half of the lesson will be online and the second, offline, taught by the local teacher, they will be led by a regional teacher who will be present in the classroom.
  • Lessons will be held for students whose language level is not less than A1.1.
  • Guatemalan students will be taught by regional teacher, who has an international certificate, and will be present in the classroom.
  • The regional teacher will be present during Skype-lessons, will control student`s attendance, check homework, organize the timetable of the online-lessons, consult with students after online-lessons and once every four weeks write a report about educational progress.
  • After completing the language courses the student`s level should not be lower than B1.1.
  • The students are not allowed to miss more than 20% of study time, otherwise they forfeit the opportunity to win a fellowship.
  • The final assignment for the student will be a recording of a 90-second video in English. In this video the student should introduce themselves, exhibit their creative skills and highlight their expectations of the music camp.
  • Those students who win a fellowship will have to complete an intensive English course – four 90-minute lessons a week, for four weeks.