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Solway Investment Group, GmbH is a private international mining and metals group located in Switzerland. Our main areas of expertise are industrial project development, relaunching production assets, and developing new projects. We seek out singular opportunities that can make a substantial positive impact on both a facility and a region. At Solway, we derive great satisfaction from bringing a community and a project back to life.


Solway operates mines and smelting plants in Guatemala, Ukraine, Indonesia, and Macedonia, with a focus on nickel production. We have a strong portfolio of mineral projects in various stages of development, which increases both our mineral reserves and our production capacity, in particular in the Group’s nickel segment. The current value of the Group’s assets is USD 1,184 billion



Solway is the largest privately owned nickel producer in a sector dominated by public companies. We are proud to have an incredibly loyal core team whose dedicated work allows us the flexibility to make quick decisions. We are one of the fastest-growing businesses in the mining and metals sector. Our mission is to become one of the leading global vertically integrated nickel producers. Our long term strategy is focused on developing our existing portfolio of premium nickel projects.




Challenge – Solway embraces challenge and continuously manages ambitious projects successfully. Exceptional team performance and a positive attitude mean we can meet these challenges head on. We often take on projects that are not as attractive to major market players because of complex local social and economic conditions. Our Guatemalan and Ukrainian smelting facilities are good examples of Solway’s ability to revive stagnant projects. In those regions, we used our experience to evaluate the risks and costs and were able to make a more compelling proposal to stakeholders than other bidders. Our past successes in Ukraine and Macedonia demonstrated that, although site management could be technically, socially, and economically challenging, reviving these projects was not impossible.


Transform – Solway views the positive changes we bring to the regions where we operate as a great source of motivation. We seek out singular opportunities where we can make a substantial and positive impact on a project and its associated local community. We find it hugely rewarding to see these changes occur.


Deliver – Solway delivers not only to our shareholders, but also to all stakeholders, taking responsibility for the social and economic well-being and sustainability of our employees and of the communities where we operate, embedding good practices and ensuring complete accountability.




Solway’s vision is to be one of the leaders in the field of complex turnaround projects for metal and mining.




Solway’s mission is to grow to become one of the top five global nickel producers, contributing to positive change in the regions where we operate. We will achieve this by creatively managing assets, thereby adding value for both shareholders and the communities we serve.




Sustainability and CSR


In a cyclical industry it is critical to maintain stable and sustainable development, growth and shareholder value.




At Solway, our passionate, professional team stays true to the company philosophy: By pursuing excellence and working together, we can drive value and bring opportunities to the community, thus inspiring both parties to grow and succeed.




Solway’s reliability, history of success, and scale inspire confidence in our ongoing performance and future prospects.


Calculated Risk


Investment always involves a degree of risk and a host of challenges. Solway promotes unconventional thinking as a way to realize solutions. Our culture of tireless innovation and our passion for professionalism contribute to new ways of working, both in the development of processes and product. The result is that Solway is able to deliver long-term value.




Innovation is our watchword. We thrive on complex challenges. No challenge is too complex, no detail too small. We apply ingenuity and profound expertise to developing world-class solutions. Professionalism and passion drive the company, promoting a culture that responds positively to situations that require particular management skills and technological expertise.


The Solway Group is totally committed to the highest standards of health and safety, environment protection and sustainability, and community relations and development.


Our first and foremost responsibility is to promote and protect the health, safety, and well-being of all of our workers, contract personnel, and members of our host communities.


We are continually improving our environmental performance. To do this, we gain a deeper understanding of the resources and energy efficiency of our assets and activities, seeking to identify, reduce and, if possible, completely eliminate any significant environmental impact caused by those activities. We ensure that all our operations protect and improve the quality of the land, air, and water where they are performed.


Integrity, transparency, cooperation, effective communication, accessibility, and mutual benefit are the pillars of our philosophy of communication with our employees, our customers, our suppliers, authorities, community members, and other stakeholders.


Our mission is to go beyond simply maintaining the status quo in the regions where we operate by enhancing quality of life by:


  • Creating better workplaces for employees;
  • Implementing efficient practices and modern resource-saving mining technologies;
  • Developing corporate environmental, social, health, and safety management systems for our assets;
  • Building social and educational infrastructures that are designed to thrive;
  • Supporting municipal authorities in the improvement of local roads and other infrastructure;
  • Making donations to local culture, and sports;
  • Supporting indigenous people;
  • Making medical services available at the municipal level for both employees and local stakeholders;
  • Being responsible and accountable to the environment;
  • Providing environmental monitoring on a regular basis;
  • Ensuring there are internal and external corporate grievance mechanisms in place to proactively manage challenges.


All of Solway’s international companies voluntarily adhere to equatorial principles (these principles include environmental and social obligations, as specified by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to projects with a value of over US $50 million).


In a labor-intensive industry, our success depends largely on people. We aim to hire and train executives and employees from the geographic areas where we operate, thus maintaining an organic connection between people and process. We pride our company on providing local families with secure employment and consistent income.


Recruited almost a decade ago, our core team has a proven track record, relevant experience, and strong expertise. We believe loyalty is a cornerstone of our success, allowing us to pursue strategic objectives with an aligned vision, and a set of common, shared values.


Key professionals within the group are regularly reassigned to different projects, in different countries.


This allows us to maintain a level of oversight and excellence throughout our holdings.


Solway employees receive regular training and are encouraged to develop their skills through a diverse set of practical and theoretical courses. Dan Bronstein, Chairman of the Board of Solway Investment Group: “We are first and foremost a private, family-owned company and, as such, we have an incredibly loyal core team who all share our ‘family’ values. This makes us much more than just a mining business. We are really in the business of industrial development and the economic regeneration that can come out of that. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the impact that our work has on the sites where we work, both in terms of productivity and in terms of local social regeneration.”


Aleksandr Bronstein

Chairman of the board, Solway Holding LTD.


Aleksandr Bronstein, graduated from Tartu University with a degree in Applied Mathematics, earning a PhD in 1981. He has worked in the mining and metals industry for over 20 years. Before co-founding the Solway Investment Group, he held a number of key posts within the metals industry in Estonia, Germany, and Britain. Mr. Bronstein was awarded an Order of the White Star of the IV degree by the Estonian government in 2007 for his public and philanthropic work within the Jewish Community. Since 2012 Mr.Bronstein serves as the President of steering committee at the Europe Israel Press Association (EIPA).


Dan Bronstein

Chairman of the board, Solway Investment Group.


Dan Bronstein graduated from the University of Birmingham in 1999 and later earned a Master’s of Finance degree from the Cass Business School in London. He began his career with Warburg Dillon Read, a global investment bank, which is now a division of UBS AG. He has subsequently held various positions at several metal-trading companies in London, as well as SUAL-Holding. In 2003, Dan Bronstein co-founded Solway Investment Group, and was responsible for mergers and acquisitions. In 2010, he was appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Group.


Solway Holding, Ltd., is the holding company of the Solway Investment Group. Located in Malta, it includes a diverse portfolio of non-core businesses that includes financial, real estate, and private equity investments. The company commits its financial resources and expertise to growth-oriented businesses with innovative management and strong values. Aleksandr Bronstein is the chairman of Solway Holding’s board of directors. Strong corporate governance is a guiding principle of Solway Holding, which drives the leadership structure and ensures ethical behavior of the subsidiaries/companies.