The Solway Group invested in Kaminex Limited (Kaminex) in 2011 and has subsequently been one of its key supporting shareholders. Kaminex is a Private BVI company focused on the discovery development of copper resources in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Kaminex holds the option to the prospecting rights for the PEA-stage Mbamba Kilenda Copper Project (MK Project) in the western DRC through its wholly owned subsidiary. The project is a mid-sized, super-high-grade, polymetallic metal assemblage consisting of copper, lead, zinc and silver minerals, with copper representing the highest percentage and being the dominant commodity throughout the deposit.

The MK Project dates to the post-World War II era. The mineralization occurs along and near an east-west-striking and north-dipping brittle fault (MK Fault) and has been intersected over a strike length of about 3.5 kilometers. The mineralization is not closed-off along the strike and parallel system repetitions have not yet been tested for. The cumulative normal displacement along the fault is expected to be in excess of about 100 meters.

The MK Project is located approximately 75 kilometres southwest of the city of Kinshasa in the Bas-Congo Province of the DRC. The main port of the DRC (Matadi) is approximately 300 kilometers to the south west of the project area. The project area can be reached by road from Kinshasa via the National Road N1, by heading towards Matadi for approximately 95 kilometers and then turning eastwards along a sandy ungraded road for approximately 55 kilometers.